Thursday, June 18, 2009

On to recovery

Thanks, everyone, for checking up on me.

I had hip surgery this morning with the doctor who pioneered the procedure for the labrum damage I had. Everything seemed to have gone well. Dr. Byrd even gave me a DVD of my surgery! I assume it's video from the scope, so stay tuned for future post with some nice gory clips!

I'm sore of course, but the drugs are good. I have this device called a Game Ready that's a sleeve around my upper leg and a pump that compresses the area with ice-cold water. It's supposed to speed up recovery, but I'll be on crutches for 8 weeks—no driving for 6.

I have a followup visit in the morning and tort^H^H^H^Hphysical therapy after that.

My wife has been a wonderful caretaker. I don't know how I married so well!


Bo said...

Best wishes, dude. Let me know if you have any 4-wheelers or jet-skis or anything that need exercising while you're down. :)

saintseester said...

You are much too young to need surgery like that. Too much rugby? Best wishes for a speedy recovery.