Saturday, June 13, 2009

Helicopters and jets

I looked out a window into my back yard where a small helicopter sat. I think it was mine even though the back yard didn't look like the one at our current house or any where I've lived. Another helicopter was flying very low and slightly erratically so as to jostle my craft with its downdraft. Did I mention loud?

‘I should call the FAA,’ I thought, ‘that's harassing flight.’ (I don't guess they have a game warden at the FAA.)

My neighbor had a small jet in his back yard, and the helicopter was also buzzing it. By this time, my wife was watching the scene with me. Next thing I know, the jet was in the air (must’ve come with the vertical takeoff feature) at about the same height as the helicopter.

“I hope it doesn’t hit the house,” Sam said, but as it flew away, we heard a thud from the roof.

We ran out to the back yard. We didn't seem concerned about the helicopter any longer, so maybe it departed too. The yard and house now seemed to be our current house, and we inspected the roof for damage. Because of the recent hail, we have a nice new roof in real life, but in the dream, the roof was old and faded with a comically ghetto patch-job of all kinds of different materials and colors. For example, in one spot there was a tannish piece of linoleum with a faux tile look next to maybe a tar patch.

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nathan said...

it may not have been only a dream.