Thursday, January 11, 2007

A candidate worth supporting

Ron Paul filed papers to form an exploratory committee!

In an interview, Dr. Tom DiLorenzo said, "No one is proposing anything near constitutional government. I consider the act of voting to be treasonous to the Constitution." Unlike so many of his colleagues, Paul has read but also works diligently to apply the constitution properly.

Peace. Freedom. Property. Vote for Dr. Ron Paul.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bo stole my line!

Bo stole my line! (Not really -- he gave an attribution and everything -- but "Bo follows MLA style" is a pretty lame headline.)

A relative of my wife's -- one of those baby-mama-sista-cousin kind of deals -- knows someone connected to the Bama athletic department and had been saying since around Thanksgiving that Nick Saban was a done deal.

Given Saban's strong denials, it didn't seem likely at all. Bill, I'm glad I was wrong!

Shula was a clown. He's gone, so it's morning in Alabama.