Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MediaWiki Collection extension: load saved books

At work, we're using the Collection extension for MediaWiki to render PDF versions of our documentation.

Installation went smoothly. We were able to generate nice-looking PDFs for single pages, create “books” with chapters and subsections, and save the books. After we'd gone to all the trouble of organizing the books, the reader might understand our frustration in seeing no obvious way to load our books later.

After much Googling and prodding around the source, I noticed a passage at the bottom of the README:

The Wikipedia template has lots of nice chrome, but for a quick fix, edit Template:Saved_book to have the following contents:

<div align="center">
<span class="plainlinks">
[ [{{fullurl:Special:Book/load_collection/|colltitle={{FULLPAGENAMEE}}}} load book] ] &nbsp;&nbsp;
[ [{{fullurl:Special:Book/render_collection/|colltitle={{FULLPAGENAMEE}}&amp;writer=rl}} PDF] ] &nbsp;&nbsp;
[ [{{fullurl:Special:Book/render_collection/|colltitle={{FULLPAGENAMEE}}&amp;writer=odf}} OpenOffice] ] &nbsp;&nbsp;
[ [[:Category:Books|bookshelf]] &nbsp;]

This will be transcluded into your saved book pages (via {{saved_book}} at the very top) and produce handy links for loading, generating PDF, generating ODT, or browsing the rest of your saved books, as in

load  book ] [ PDF ] [ OpenOffice ] [ bookshelf ]

Note that to enable ODT option, you'll need to modify LocalSettings.php along the lines of

$wgCollectionFormats = array(
  'rl' => 'PDF',
  'odf' => 'ODT',

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