Monday, August 24, 2009

Press hit

A good friend of mine rated a mention in a Wall Street Journal article about blatant bias in Heisman voting:
"It seems like it's always something with us," says Patrick Bobo, a Tennessee fan who contributes to a site called Third Saturday in Blogtober. "A lot of Tennessee fans say they don't want the stupid award because it's a joke."
(Back in college, he wore FSU gear but then started pulling for the Vols when they did so well under Peyton Manning, thus earning plenty of good-natured ribbing about bandwagon-hopping.)

As Darren Everson notes in "The South's Heisman Trophy Grudge," no Crimson Tide player has ever won the Heisman even though the program is one of the all-time elites in college football. Bobo pulls for the wrong team but is right on about what a joke Heisman voting is.

The name of the blog is a nod to the third Saturday in October, the annual renewal of the big Alabama-Tennessee rivalry—which happens to take place on the fourth Saturday in October of this year, but whatever. Bloggers from both sides fuel the fire with some good ol' trash-talk.

Even people outside the South know of the Alabama-Auburn rivalry, but the Vols run a very close second. A few years ago, for example, I said I'd rather beat UT than the Tigers if I had to choose. Maybe it has something to do with living in north Alabama and having to endure a higher rate of Tennessee puke-orange sightings. The inset is Daniel Moore's "Rocky Stop," which depicts Roman Harper's (#41) fumble-causing, game-saving hit in an ugly 6-3 matchup.

Congratulations, but I'm looking forward to enjoying this year's victory cigar, Bobo!

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