Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's official!

Not long ago, I was on the same flight to DC with Bud Cramer. When we reached the terminal at Reagan, I said to him, "Congressman, give my best to Ron Paul!" An honest man and perhaps the humble American republic's last hope, Dr. Paul is officially a candidate for president!

Notable quotes:

  • "I'm very confident about the message of liberty and the constitution. I'm very confident that the American people are sick and tired of what they're getting. And I'm also very confident that the Republican party has gone in the wrong direction. We used to be the party of small government, but now we're the party of Big Government."
  • "My main thrust would be I would emphasize my oath of office. As a congressman, I emphasize that. As president, I would emphasize that. And that is, to obey the constitution, which strictly limits the power of government. It strictly limits the power of the executive branch. It strictly limits the power of the congress -- and even the courts. That would be my goal: to shrink the size and scope of government, believing very sincerely that the benefits to people are far better off in a free society than in an authoritarian society. When government is involved in central planning, and running the world, running the economy, and running our personal lives, we're not better off: we're worse off."
  • "If we don't get a handle on the entitlements, if we don't get a handle on all this foreign adventurism, this country is going broke. Actually, I think the country is insolvent. It's just the fact that the world still accepts our dollars that we can still get away with this. Yes, we can have full accountability, but the ultimate accountability has to be to make sure that we hold government under control -- that we not allow it to continue to grow or try to do everything conceivable at the central level."
  • "Very simply, governments always like inflation, that is, the creation of money out of thin air to debase the value of your currency. This is the reason that we don't have a gold standard: because big-government conservatives and big-government liberals like to spend money. But they really don't like the taxes, and there's a limit to how much they can borrow... and every time they create new money, they devalue the money we have in our pockets. So it's a tax on us; it's a sinister, immoral tax..."
  • "[Inflation is] so destructive because it's the most regressive of all taxes. Poor people and the middle class eventually get wiped out by rising prices. Now government tells us there's only a 2% inflation rate, but that's not true: the inflation rate for poor people and the middle class might be 6 or 8 or 10 percent. Who benefits the most? It's the wealthy class: the bankers, the domestic industries, the military-industrial complex."
  • "The answer to this is gold and silver, and that's still the law of the land. Under the constitution, only gold and silver can be legal tender, yet it's been a good many years since we've completely forgotten about it. We've had no connection -- our dollar's had no connection to gold since 1971. If you look at the problems we've had since that time, they're definitely related."
  • "I would come home [from Iraq] as soon as possible."
  • "Liberty will provide the answers that we need."

Dr. Paul is for peace and friendships among nations. When he gives his solemn word to uphold and defend the constitution, he'll really do it: he won't merely be reading a script. A politician is actually making an issue of sound money!

Ron Paul is a true American. See the video below for more details.

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