Saturday, September 17, 2005

Roll Tide!

Alabama 37, South Carolina 14

The Tide looked great! Before the game, I was worried because if coaching was going to be the difference, Spurrier and the Gamecocks would get the W. No, South Carolina isn't a quality opponent, but today's performance makes me cautiously optimistic that Shula finally has the team on the right track.

Now what about Georgia and their squeaker against USC? At a tailgate party at work, I picked UGA to win the SEC (and Texas to win it all), but early appearances indicate the the Bulldogs will underperform yet again.

Yes, Tennessee would have been a good pick too, but I don't want to see UT and Snitch-mer do well. Even though Auburn is considered our biggest rival, I'm to the point where I'd rather beat Tennessee if I had to choose.

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